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How do you apply mascara?

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Mascara is a cosmetic that is applied to eyelashes. The purpose is to make eyelashes thick, long and curly, and to enhance the color of eyelashes. It usually consists of two parts, the brush and the tube that contains the color and the brush. The brush itself is curved and erect. The texture of the mascara can be divided into cream, liquid and paste. Due to the improvement of ingredients and the popularity of price, the eyelash brushing procedure, which used to be necessary for important occasions, has gradually become a necessary procedure for makeup.

Use the eyelash clipper to clip eyelashes according to the order of the center, inner and outer corners, and then clip the eyelashes of the middle part again, so that the eyelashes of this part are more warped than others.

Use transparent eyelash liquid as the base, according to the order of the center, inner corner and outer corner of the eye, from the eyelash root to the eyelash tip, you should brush carefully and don't miss.

Use the eyelash brush to brush the mascara in the order of the center, inner corner and outer corner, then lengthen the middle part of the eyelash with the front end of the mascara.

Use a horizontal eyelash brush to put the mascara on the lower eyelashes. Pay attention to brush up and enhance the sense of three-dimensional.


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